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Raspberry canes in the snow

Early spring: a farm in hibernation

The calendar says it’s spring, the clocks have changed, and even the nights are drawing out. But looking at the farm you’d be forgiven for thinking that winter is still firmly with us. Being a farmer in the UK has its special challenges but this decade has had a particularly bizarre collection of spring weather: […]

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Sweetcorn growing in the fields

August on the farm

August is the afternoon of the summer fruit season: the earlier cropping strawberries and gooseberries are coming to an end, the later raspberries and currants are fruiting with gusto, and we’re busy preparing the farm for its winter hibernation. Fruiting crops The late raspberry variety, Octavia, fruits until late August, and the black and red […]

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A sledge of summer fruit

July on the farm

July is the busiest month of the year for harvesting crops, as it’s the only month when all the crops are ready at the same time. And the to-do list has plenty more than picking on it! As regular visitors will know, the paths around the farm are grassed to make your visit more comfortable […]

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