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Frozen raspberries

Farm shop open all year

The fruit will be ready in late May. Until then, the farm shop is open all year round, with a selection of staples: freshly frozen fruit, homemade jam, seasoned firewood, and free-range eggs. The farm shop also stocks well-seasoned firewood from our sister company One Man and His Log. The fields will open late May 2021, […]

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Baked blackcurrant cheesecake

Blackcurrant cheesecake

This blackcurrant cheesecake is different from the traditional baked cheesecake because it’s so light-set. The blackcurrants give it the right balance of sweet and tart, the bold blackcurrants livening up the creamy dessert. Thanks to the chef at The Crown at Stoke by Nayland for sharing this recipe with us. Their summer desserts use locally-grown seasonal fruit – try the other recipes they’ve […]

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Strawberry frozen yoghurt recipe

One-minute strawberry ice cream

Homemade strawberry ice cream is delectable but labour intensive if you don’t have an ice cream maker. This ingenious Jamie Oliver recipe lets you create the most delicious strawberry frozen delight in just one minute. Jamie Oliver suggests using fat-free greek yoghurt, which makes this a super healthy frozen yoghurt, particularly as the only added […]

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