Summer fruit season 2020

The strawberries are ripening with all this lovely weather, and will be ready by the end of the month. 

  • Strawberries and gooseberries will be ready at the end of May. 
  • Raspberriesred and blackcurrants, and dessert gooseberries, will be ready at the end of June.
  • A few broad beans will be ready in early June; a larger crop later in the month.

Keep and eye on the fruit calendar more info on what’s picking and when.

We look forward to welcoming you on the farm again for another summer of fresh fruit!

Previous updates

March 2020: The first strawberry blossoms have bloomed! A reminder that summer is only a few weeks away.

This is always a busy time of year as the fruit plants race toward summer. This year we have the added quandary of trying to work out how we can open the fields when the fruit is ready, given the lockdown and other changes due to the pandemic.

But nature waits for no man so we’ll just have to work it out whilst netting the currants, strawing the strawberries, and tying in the raspberries!

February 2020: The summer fruit season seems like a world away, whilst we’re in the deep mid winter. But the first signs of life are already starting to show around the farm.

Broad beans

These winter-sown broad bean plants (below) have just poked their heads above the soil; they’ll have been in the ground almost 8 months before they crop in early summer. These plants will give the first broad bean crop of the summer. We will plant more broad beans some time from February, depending on when the weather lets us onto the fields. These spring-sown beans will crop later, extending the season.

Winter-sown broad beans popping their heads up through the soil.

Pruned fruit bushes

The fruit plants are very much in hibernation after a busy autumn of pruning back last summer’s plants – the raspberries (below) look particularly bare, if tidy. The new leaf buds will start to form sometime before spring. And then our work will really begin!

Summer fruit season calendar

The fruit season starts late May; check the calendar for the full fruit season dates. And sign up to our email newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a berry.

Raspberry canes in the winter sun
Pruned raspberry canes in the winter sun

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