Visiting the farm during the pandemic

The farm operates a bit differently this year to ensure we keep our staff and customers safe during this pandemic, as well as enjoying some lovely fruit!

Note that the farm shop is open as usual, stocked with picked fruit and lots of delicious local produce, and with plenty of space to keep you and our staff safe. No reservation required.

Pick your own fruit

To ensure you can keep a safe distance whilst picking, we’re limiting the number of people on the fields.

  • Reserve your space: BOOK A TICKET to guarantee entry onto the strawberry field in a 30-min time slot. (No reservation needed to pick raspberries, gooseberries, or other crops).
  • Availability: advance tickets are released a few days ahead; more may be added the night before if there’s enough fruit to pick.

Sign up to our email for advance tickets.
Check the event after 7pm to see if there are extras for the following day.

  • Small groups: groups will be limited to 4 people, including maximum of two children per adult. (Babes in arms don’t need tickets.) See FAQs below for more info.
  • Elderly hour: the first hour of each day (9-10am, Mon-Sun) is reserved for customers over 60 years old. NO TICKET NEEDED for this hour only.
  • NHS workers: a huge thanks for the amazing work you’re doing! We have kept some extra spaces for you. Please contact us to find out more.
  • Ticket fee: tickets are free, but please don’t book a ticket unless you’re definitely going to use it, as they are very limited.
  • Arrive early: we recommend you arrive 10 mins before your time slot. You will be asked to leave the field at the end of your slot.
  • Mobile tickets: no printing needed – just give the name on the booking, or show your digital ticket on your mobile phone.
  • Containers: we cannot weigh containers before you enter the field this year so we recommend you use the containers provided.
  • Wash your hands: hand-washing facilities and hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Keep your distance: rows of strawberries are 1m apart, therefore keep your distance by leaving at least two rows between you and the next picker.
  • Fruit availability: weather and varieties’ seasons can impact how easy it is to pick, so check the pickometer the night before your visit for current picking (see side bar on this website).
  • Farm shop: we’ve altered the layout to allow more space between customers being served; and a screen between staff and customers for socially-distanced weighing and paying.

Note that we may let people onto the field without a ticket if there’s space, but this will be at our discretion.


I have three children / our family is larger than four people. Can we still visit this year?

Tickets are limited to groups of four to ensure that the adult listed on the booking can be responsible for the safe conduct of their bubble.

One adult must have no more than two children in their care, because the adult must ensure all the children maintain safe distance from other pickers. This ratio is the only way for us to ensure the safety of all our customers.

For groups larger than four, each adult can book tickets for the portion of the bubble they’re responsible for. For example, in a family of two parents and three children, each parent books their own ticket and also for a child or two.

Groups can join each other on the field, as long as the designated responsible adult retains oversight of their group.

I’m considered vulnerable. Can I join the over 60s?

We have not made special provision for particularly vulnerable people to visit the farm this year, as we cannot guarantee their well-being. Furthermore, we need to ensure the elderly isn’t compromised for that vulnerable group also.

Instead, we recommend you reserve a slot after 10am, and make yourself known to a member of staff when you arrive. They may be able to find a space for you on the field which is separate from the other pickers – if there is enough fruit that day.

Note that your visit is almost entirely in open air, except for the farm shop which is partially enclosed. The farm shop has screens between you and the staff, remote scales for weighing fruit, and remote card payment system.


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