Fruit picking season 2023

The summer fruit picking will start in early June this year, with strawberries and gooseberries available to pick first.

Strawberry blossom in May means a later start to the season

This is a later start than usual due to the chilly spring weather. The fruit will be ready whenever it chooses to be – traditional family farming here! No polytunnels to force the fruit ahead of season. Sign up to the fruit email and we’ll keep you updated on the start date. And keep your fingers crossed for a lovely warm month to come!

Fruit picking

The strawberries season is early June – early August. Check the crop calendar to see when you can pick gooseberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, and broad beans.

As last year, you won’t need a ticket to come pick. When planning your visit, note that you’ll have the pick of the crop if you come early in the day and during the week (weekend afternoons are busiest).


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