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Young sweetcorn cobs growing on the field

Farm shop open all year

The fields are closed but the farm shop is open all year round, with a selection of staples: local potatoes, free range eggs, and freshly frozen fruit. The sweetcorn will be ready approximately mid-August, picked fresh daily for the farm shop. Young sweetcorn cobs growing on the plant The farm shop also stocks well-seasoned firewood from our […]

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Strawberry picking during COVID pandemic

What a season!

The fields are now closed for the year after a season quite unlike any since the family moved here 80 years ago. You’ve been brilliant at showing up, keeping to your bubbles, and picking those fields clean.

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Strawberries ripening

Summer fruit season 2020

The strawberries are ripening with all this lovely weather, and will be ready by the end of the month.  Strawberries and gooseberries will be ready at the end of May. Raspberries, red and blackcurrants, and dessert gooseberries, will be ready at the end of June.A few broad beans will be ready in early June; a larger crop later in the month. Keep and eye on […]

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Firewood logs delivered and stacked

Seasoned firewood delivered to your door

Our sister company, One Man and His Log, delivers seasoned firewood directly to your home, stacks your logs, and even builds you a log store if needed! It might be roasting right now but it won’t be long until there’s a chill in the air, so we recommend you plan ahead to book your delivery […]

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Farm shop staff

Join the team

We hire just a few seasonal staff to help on the farm during the peak season.  We offer: up to 12 weeks part-time employment, from early June 2020 minimum / national living wage plus holiday pay (for hourly positions) flexible working hours all employees go through the PAYE system Who we’re looking for: people who […]

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Gooseberry buds in spring

Spring on the farm

The first buds are forming on the plants, which means it’s spring on the farm already. There’s a real buzz around the farm at this time of year as all the plants spring back into life. This mixed with some nervous energy – what kind of season will we have this year? Growing summer fruit […]

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Freshly frozen fruit

Freshly frozen fruit in farm shop

The fruit season may be over but don’t despair, we’ve stocked the freezers throughout the summer so you can enjoy freshly frozen fruit at any time of year. Whizz frozen fruit together with yogurt to make smoothies, create a simple compote to add to ice cream, or use it in your favourite recipes – there are many […]

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Strawing the strawberries

Straw under the strawberry plants

We just laid a thick layer of straw under all the strawberry plants so that the developing berries have something soft and mud-free to rest on.  We use a machine to chop the straw and put it into the row; then we follow behind with a pitchfork, making sure the straw is under the plants […]

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Gooseberry bush blossom

Late spring on the farm

The farm has suddenly burst into life and the fields are lush and green. It’s a busy and exciting time of year as the crops get ready for their impending fruit season. Fruit season 2013 So far this year, everything is running about two weeks later than normal, which would mean the fruit will be […]

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Raspberry canes in the snow

Early spring: a farm in hibernation

The calendar says it’s spring, the clocks have changed, and even the nights are drawing out. But looking at the farm you’d be forgiven for thinking that winter is still firmly with us. Being a farmer in the UK has its special challenges but this decade has had a particularly bizarre collection of spring weather: […]

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