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Gooseberry cake slice

Gooseberry cake

This is a lovely cake, just as good eaten cold with coffee or served warm as a dessert with cream or custard. I make it in the winter with frozen gooseberries, and I don’t bother to top and tail the fruit. This recipe also works well with blackcurrants – just replace the gooseberries with the same quantity of […]

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Broad bean blossom

The month of May

The month of May on the farm is a busy time: the crops are growing like crazy, getting ready for their time in the sun. It’s also the month before we open for pick your own, so we’re busy dusting down the scales and mowing the pathways. The strawberries go from blossom to green fruit […]

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Strawberries and balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a surprisingly good partner for strawberries! Dip a strawberry into a shallow bowl of straight balsamic vinegar, or use balsamic in a Strawberry Granita, as suggested by the River Cafe writers. The article also includes a delicious  recipe for raspberries with ricotta. Ensure you use a thick, traditional dipping balsamic to enhance the experience.

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Broad bean halloumi salad

Minted broad bean halloumi salad

If you need an introduction to the delights of broad beans, this warm summer salad will do it.  This is the very first dish we make when the young beans are ready to pick, like a starter flag for summer. This salad takes a grand total of 15 mins to make, and yet is bursting […]

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Homemade raspberry jam

Homemade jam

There is nothing to beat homemade jam! It wins hands down on flavour, texture, and scoring brownie points with friends and family. You can avoid the traditional preserving pan if you have a large saucepan. The pan needs to be large enough to contain the rising liquid when it comes to a ‘rolling boil’. Jam […]

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Broad bean and pancetta risotto recipe

Broad bean and pancetta risotto

Broad beans and pancetta make a great combination, and the summer beans lighten the risotto. Don’t be put off by this slightly anaemic photo – this risotto is packed with flavour! The pungent yet creamy broad beans pair beautifully with the salty bites of pancetta. To give the dish a little more colour, garnish with […]

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Slice of Russian raspberry pudding

Russian raspberry pudding

A luxurious meringue-like baked dessert, delicious on its own or served with ice-cream. Creme fraiche and sour cream also make good replacements for the double cream. Heat the oven to 180*C / 375*F. Place raspberries in a glass dish and cover with 2 tbsp sugar. Separate the eggs. Add the flour and 1 tbsp of sugar to […]

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