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Raspberries blue sky

Stock up on raspberries and currants

The late season crops are holding out well – raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants are easy to pick. But don’t delay, this warm weather is making the crops move fast. The latest and final crop of broad beans are available now. They mature quickly in this warm weather, so don’t delay! The strawberries and dessert gooseberries are all but finished now. Jam […]

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Raspberries for picking

Crop update: Raspberries galore!

There doesn’t seem to be an end to this pluvial misery of a summer, so make the most of the occasional dry days respite and come and pick! There is a lot of lovely fruit on the field at the moment and the ground dries out quite easily. Strawberries We have an abundance of late variety […]

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First of the early minerva raspberries

Early raspberries now ready

The first raspberries on the earliest variety, Minerva, are ripe and available to pick. There is also a lot of fruit on the canes waiting to ripen and so the picking will get easier as time goes on.

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