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Strawing the strawberries

Straw under the strawberry plants

We just laid a thick layer of straw under all the strawberry plants so that the developing berries have something soft and mud-free to rest on.Β  We use a machine to chop the straw and put it into the row; then we follow behind with a pitchfork, making sure the straw is under the plants […]

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Very young strawberries-

First young strawberries of the season

The first strawberries of the 2013 season have set. This means the blossom has turned to fruit, albeit teeny tiny berries. Now they just need some sunshine and rain to plump up and ripen.

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Blossoms on Elsanta strawberry plants

First strawberry blossoms of 2013

We’re pleased to find these Elsanta strawberry plants covered in blossom after the warm bank holiday weekend!Β We hope this crop will be ready mid-June or earlier if the good weather persists. We’ve brought these fruiting season of these Elsanta strawberry plants early by covering them with fleece throughout spring. Sign up to our email newsletter […]

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Gooseberry bush blossom

Late spring on the farm

The farm has suddenly burst into life and the fields are lush and green. It’s a busy and exciting time of year as the crops get ready for their impending fruit season. Fruit season 2013 So far this year, everything is running about two weeks later than normal, which would mean the fruit will be […]

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Raspberry canes in the snow

Early spring: a farm in hibernation

The calendar says it’s spring, the clocks have changed, and even the nights are drawing out. But looking at the farm you’d be forgiven for thinking that winter is still firmly with us. Being a farmer in the UK has its special challenges but this decade has had a particularly bizarre collection of spring weather: […]

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Deep strawed strawberry plants

Winter on the farm

The only fruit we have at this time of year is frozen in the farm shop, but there’s still plenty to keep us busy! The to-do lists include pruning, planting and maintenance, so whenever the sun shines (or at least, when it doesn’t rain), we’re out on the field. The wet weather this winter continues […]

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Sweetcorn growing in the fields

August on the farm

August is the afternoon of the summer fruit season: the earlier cropping strawberries and gooseberries are coming to an end, the later raspberries and currants are fruiting with gusto, and we’re busy preparing the farm for its winter hibernation. Fruiting crops The late raspberry variety, Octavia, fruits until late August, and the black and red […]

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A sledge of summer fruit

July on the farm

July is the busiest month of the year for harvesting crops, as it’s the only month when all the crops are ready at the same time. And the to-do list has plenty more than picking on it! As regular visitors will know, the paths around the farm are grassed to make your visit more comfortable […]

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