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Gooseberry buds in spring

Spring on the farm

The first buds are forming on the plants, which means it’s spring on the farm already. There’s a real buzz around the farm at this time of year as all the plants spring back into life. This mixed with some nervous energy – what kind of season will we have this year? Growing summer fruit […]

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Summer fruit easy to pick

Easiest picking of the summer fruit season – now!

The raspberries are currently dripping off the canes. The strawberries are still plentiful. The dessert gooseberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants are all luscious. It’s a fantastic time to come picking summer fruit! We expect all the summer fruit crops to continue fruiting well into August.

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Sweet summer strawberries

Strawberries exceptionally sweet and plentiful

Thanks to this glorious weather we’re enjoying, the strawberries crops are ripening beautifully – meaning very easy picking and exceptionally sweet fruit. Many varieties are ready now so there lots of fruit and something to suit everyone’s tastebuds! The Hapil and Elsanta are still good, and the Symphony, Fenella and Florence are also underway. Enjoy […]

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Freshly picked broad beans

Broad beans, jam strawberries and redcurrants ready

New crops and varieties of strawberries are now ready for picking, as the pick-your-own season gets well underway. Broad beans The broad beans are in abundance and will continue for many weeks. They’re very tender when young and freeze well, so don’t delay coming to stock up! Check out our recipes ideas, such as minted broad beans […]

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New season elsanta strawberries

Lots of delicious fruit ready to pick

The strawberry season is well underway and the strawberry flavour is great at the moment. The earliest variety of strawberries, the Elsanta, are ripening up well and quite easy to pick now. The next early variety, Christine, will be ready this week. Read more about the strawberry varieties we grow. Check what’s picking for our predictions of […]

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First strawberries ready for picking

First strawberries ready to pick

We’re pleased to tell you that the farm is now open for the 2013 fruit season.  The first few Elsanta strawberries are ripe and ready to pick, and they will become more plentiful throughout the week. The green gooseberries are also ready to pick. Check what’s picking for our predictions of when the other crops will be ready.

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Gooseberry bush blossom

Late spring on the farm

The farm has suddenly burst into life and the fields are lush and green. It’s a busy and exciting time of year as the crops get ready for their impending fruit season. Fruit season 2013 So far this year, everything is running about two weeks later than normal, which would mean the fruit will be […]

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Freshly frozen summer fruit

What happens in the winter?

The pick your own summer fruit has finished for 2012 but you can still have your taste of summer! The farm shop opens daily, stocked with freshly frozen fruit and local produce. The farm keeps us busy throughout the winter, with pruning, planting and maintenance tasks – read our fruit grower’s diary for more information on […]

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Corn on the cob

Crop update: Sweet corn is ready

It’s a peaceful time of year on the farm, with the fruit all finished and the pickers retired for the year. Despite that, there’s still plenty to keep us busy on the farm, albeit at a less pressured pace than at the height of the season. We’ll update the website and Facebook page throughout the […]

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Young cob of sweetcorn

Crop update: From field to freezer

And just like that, it seems the pick your own fruit season is all but finished for another year. Hopefully you’ve stocked up your freezers so you can continue to enjoy the fruit until the next picking season begins. If not, don’t worry – we have! Pop into the farm shop anytime from now until […]

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