Summer fruit season 2019

It’s officially summer pudding season! The fields are full of ripe strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, and blackcurrants – the key ingredients for this vintage summer pud.

After a slow start, the raspberries are now dripping off of the canes. The Tulameen variety has ripened well, making them really easy to pick.

Raspberries are the ultimate freezer-friendly berry, because they defrost almost as if they’ve just been freshly picked. Stock up while the picking’s easy and feast on summer for the rest of the year!

It’s also a great time to try your hand at making jam, as the jam strawberries are now available: grade B fruit that is priced for bulk picking, and is very ripe and full of flavour.

Crop report

Updated 11 July, 2019

  • The late strawberry variety Malwina and the mid-season Florence are both easy to pick. The Malwinas will extend the strawberry season until the end of July at least.
  • The Symphony variety are now open as jam strawberries.
  • The Tulameen raspberries are very easy to pick. The Octavia and Tadmore varieties will be available to pick from Saturday.
  • Don’t delay picking redcurrants and blackcurrants: there isn’t a huge crop this year, and so they are likely to get picked out quite quickly.
  • The broad beans are very easy to pick, and another young crop will start next week.
  • The red dessert gooseberries were picked out in a day last week! So there are no more gooseberries left for this year.

The fruit season will continue throughout the summer until mid-August – see the fruit calendar for more info.

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Previous updates

June 2019

The fields are now open to pick the first strawberries, gooseberries, and broad beans of this year’s season.

The strawberries have ripened well and are now easy to pick. The Elsanta, Rhumba and Centenary strawberry varieties are ready first. The Hapil variety will be ready next week (apx 10th June).

The gooseberries fattened up after the recent rains. And there’s a lovely crop of broad beans.

May 2019

It’s a gentle start as the weather’s not been particularly summery, but there’s plenty of fruit waiting to ripen over the next week.

Strawberry blossoms and baby berries
First ripe strawberry of the season

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