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Farm featured on CBeebies

Did you spot the farm on CBeebies? Honu’s favourite activity is strawberry picking, who can blame him?! Catch it on iPlayer until 14 April. The TV show was filmed last summer. Only two months until the first strawberries will be ready again!

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First Tulameen raspberries

Raspberries ready for picking

The raspberries are ready for picking! We’re now picking the popular Tulameen variety, with more fruit ripening daily in this warm weather. Raspberries are delicious served simply with cream. Their tart flavour makes them the perfect complement to sweet desserts. They freeze brilliantly – stock up the freezers to enjoy summer throughout the year. Check out […]

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First redcurrants of the season

Get ready for summer pudding season

Time to get ready for summer pudding season! The redcurrants are ripe and ready, and the first blackcurrants and raspberries are just ripening. The blackcurrants and raspberries will be in full swing by mid next week (8 July). Delia’s summer pudding is our favourite – check out the recipe.  

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Bumper crop of strawberries ripening gradually

  There’s a bumper crop of strawberries ripening gradually on the fields. All you strawberry enthusiasts picked the fields clean of ripe strawberries on our first day of opening! But they’re replenishing well and the picking will be good this weekend. There are plenty of gooseberries ripe and ready to pick.

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Now picking first strawberries

And we’re off! The farm opens for this year’s pick your own fruit season on Saturday, 6 June. The first strawberries and gooseberries are ripe and ready, with a bumper crop of strawberries to come. Looking forward to seeing you all again for a season of fresh summer fruit! Check the fruit calendar for more details […]

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Strawed strawberries

Fruit expected first weekend in June

Mark your diary: we expect to pick fruit by the first weekend of June. The combination of recent warm weather and rain has brought the strawberries and gooseberries along well. The raspberry flower buds have formed. Check the fruit calendar for more details on when we can expect each crop. Sign up to the newsletter to ensure you […]

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2015 fruit season starts early June

Fruit season starts early June

We predict the 2017 fruit season will start in early June – only a couple  of weeks away! We expect the first strawberries and gooseberries will be ready to pick in the first week in June. The strawberries will ripen through the week, with picking getting easier throughout the week. Sign up for our email so you […]

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Freshly frozen summer fruit

No fruit left on fields, lots in the freezer!

Ah, that time has come again when the fields are bare of fruit for this year. Don’t despair, we’ve stocked the freezers full of freshly frozen fruit, so you can still make your smoothies, desserts and jams throughout the year. The sweetcorn is growing tall, and we expect it will be ready for the farm shop in […]

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Pick your own redcurrants

Last of the summer fruit

Don’t miss the last of the summer fruit! The fruit season is in its last weeks. Only the last few raspberries and redcurrants remain. Freshly frozen fruit is available in the farm shop all year round. From 25 July The late season strawberries and raspberries are ripening gradually. There fruit is having trouble keeping up with […]

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Dessert gooseberries

Very easy picking on the late season fruit

It’s very easy picking on the late season fruits: the raspberries, blackcurrants, and dessert gooseberries are all plentiful. Whether you’re jamming, baking or freezing, don’t miss these particularly plentiful crops – they won’t be around for long! The redcurrants are also still in fruit, and the second crop of broad beans are in their prime.

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