Summer fruit season 2018

Raspberries ripening in the sunshineThe raspberries are ripening well and are easy to pick at the moment. 

We’re now picking the late strawberry variety, Malwina. The strawberries have struggled with the heat this season, so be aware that this last crop may not last long.

Both the redcurrants and blackcurrants are both very easy to pick.

The red dessert gooseberries are ready but have a short season – so don’t delay!

The next crop of broad beans will be ready in mid July.

The sunflowers will be available in the farm shop towards the end of July.

Keep an eye on the fruit season timings as they can change, based on the weather. Or sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to know the crop updates.

Sunflowers growing in phacelia

Previous updates

June 2018: Our fabulous visitors have been picking the fields clean of strawberries this season! We recommend visiting early in the day, and calling us before you visit to check the crop status if you want to pick a large quantity.

May 2018: This beautiful weather has done wonders around the farm, and blossoms are blooming. We expect the 2018 summer fruit season to start in early June.

Gooseberry blossoms in spring

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